New Blog

23 07 2007

Yeah, so I have my new blog posted up as of today. Go check it out:

This one will be going away in a month or so, so update your bookmarks or RSS feed please. 😉


Hiatus (Obviously)

16 05 2007

As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s been a shortage of posts here lately.

The main reason is because I’ve been asked to be a part of the “Young Professionals” committee being formed by the city of Columbus. As much as I’d love to serve the city with my own ideas and input, I thought it would be even more beneficial to set up some sort of new blog to not only chronicle the details of these meetings with the public, but also to gather feedback and input to take to the meetings as well.

Since I’m already always short on time anyway, instead of continuing to spread myself too thin, I figure it would probably be best to merge the Columblogs concept into this new blog I’m currently setting up. I’ve also neglected my own personal blog for some time now, and while I know most people don’t want to read my salsa recipes or what video games I think look fun, I’d like to have a regular home for a few writingpeices I do from time to time, which again mostly have to do with current affairs regarding Columbus city life.

So anyway, I hope you can forgive me for not updating columblogs for a short while longer and will hopefully join me in my new adventures as I get this new blog project up and running in the next few weeks. A link will be provided soon.

New Resource: WexBlog

29 04 2007


“WexBlog” is the official blog of the Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University. This blog gives a more indepth look behind some of the events and shows at the Wexner Center, as well as news, information, and updates in a more personal format than what you’d find on the main Wexner Center website.

New Resource: Sopressata

27 04 2007


“Sopressata” is a local food blog devoted to local restaurant reviews, favorite recipies, and other food related topics.

New Resource: Showhio

25 04 2007


Showhio is a local music blog that covers the Columbus indie music scene.  The blog features news, event information, and more.

New Resource: Columbus Foodie

23 04 2007


“Columbus Foodie” is a blog devoted to restaurant news and reviews, as well as other food-related topics.

New Resource: Experience Columbus

21 04 2007

Exp Cols

Experience Columbus is the website of the Greater Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau. This site contains information more geared for visitors to Columbus, but also has a directory of stores, restaurants, events, and other information for residents as well.